At Felecia’s Fabulous Cookies … WE LOVE COOKIES!!!

The only thing we love more than cookies is watching someone’s reaction when they taste one of our FABULOUS cookies for the first time (or the second or third time too).

At Felecia’s Fabulous Cookies our cookies are flavorful and packed with fresh ingredients. We never use preservatives…ever!

Every single cookie is hand-scooped, so we can make sure every cookie comes out just right!

Felecia’s Fabulous Cookies started in New York. My sister Felecia loved baking cookies and opened a cookie shop near her home in Long Island, New York. However, several years ago my sister and her family moved to Arizona and I moved to California.

Felecia’s Fabulous Cookies is new to California. You can come by and visit my nephew Daniel and myself at Market Night in Redlands, CA – Thursdays 6 PM – 9 PM. Stop by say hello and try some of our Fabulous Cookies!

Look for us soon at other Farmer’s Markets in Southern California.

Follow us on Facebook to keep track of where and when we will be at a Farmer’s Market near you!

Daniel and Paula at Market Night in Redlands, CA 2016